A global player


Our company is a highly qualified language service provider for private and public customers worldwide.

Translation and Localization, Interpreting and Technical Communication Member of Unilingue (Italian Association of Language Service Providers), Member of Com&Tec (Italian Association for Technical Communication)

Ever thought how many disastrous effects or misunderstandings a flawed translation can cause to a business meeting? Moreover, what are the real translation costs if delivery deadlines are too long and interoperability of products and systems are not guaranteed? We offer you the right solution: our services are guaranteed, just-in-time, low-cost and easy to obtain.

Our business strategies:


a highly qualified team of professionals to make you feel at home on the big international market


Our thirty-year experience on the Language Service Provider market and the product-focused translation and technical communication expertise and skills of our translators and interpreters are a guarantee of reliable results


A well organized management and a well structured IT and multimedia department promptly and timely cater to all your communication needs, no matter how big or complex they are.


In-field expertise and timely response guarantee low-cost services and long-term business relations

Ready to use

Receive your translations in real time, in whatever format you may need, ready to be used in your company communication process.

Translation and Localization Services:

  • Technical documentation
  • Marketing documentation
  • Software and Software documentation
  • Online documentation
  • Terminology management

Conference and Community Interpreting:

  • Consecutive interpreting
  • Simultaneous interpreting
  • Chuchotage
  • Business interpreting
  • Legal interpreting
  • Medical interpreting
  • Interpreting for social services

Technical Support

  • Language-focused technical equipment for international Meetings and Conferences (booths, microphones, projectors, video and audio recording, streaming, etc.)

Language Support

  • Hostesses and Stewards for International Meetings and Conferences
  • Tour Guides in Italy and abroad
  • Guides for Schools Trips and International Trips
  • Voice Over for videos and multimedia Products
  • Subtitiling

Specialized Training

  • Terminology Courses
  • Translation Courses
  • Community and Interpreting Courses
  • Technical Communication Courses
  • CAT Courses


30 years in business has made the list of our customers a very long one. There are too many to be named one by one, hence we are attaching a list of the main business areas of our customers, each of whom is cared for and cherished by us.

  • Agriculture (produce, processes, machines)
  • Environment (products, processes, machines)
  • Audiovisuals and media (products, processes, machines, services)
  • Biotechnology (products, processes, machines)
  • Cosmetics (products, processes)
  • Culture (products, processes, services)
  • Medical Devices (products, processes)
  • Construction (products, processes, machines)
  • Publishing (services)
  • Energy (products, processes, machines)
  • Toys (products, processes, machines)
  • ICT (Services)
  • Automotive Industry (products, processes, machines)
  • Motorcycle Industry (products, processes, machines)
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering Industries (products, processes, machines)
  • Mechanical Engineering (products, processes, machines)
  • Industry Supplies (products, processes, machines)
  • Leather Industry (products, processes, machines)
  • Fisheries (products, processes, machines)
  • Healthcare Industries (products, processes, machines)
  • Food safety (products, processes, machines)
  • Textiles and Clothing Industries (products, processes, machines)
  • Transport (products, processes, machines)
  • Tourism (products, processes, machines)